Arjun Ganesan

Full Stack Developer

Chennai, India

About Me

I'm a Full Stack Developer primarily focused on Web Application Development but also handled Desktop and Mobile Development.

Working in a startup environment for 7+ years I have delivered projects both in individual capacity and as a team member. I've done product development starting from the ideation phase to delivery. I've worked directly with business owners in gathering requirements and planning. Managed various teams and resources across different functional groups.

Worked on different types of architectures like SPAs, Serverless (Functions and Containers) and Microservices. Though I worked mostly on Azure cloud services, I have a fair idea on other cloud services as well.

I am a Alexa Enthusiast and I also contribute to open source community a bit and explore around IoT as a hobby.

Skill / Expertise


Web Component


SQL Server


VS Code
Visual Studio

Employment History

Technical Architect

OrangeScape Technologies

July 2019 - Present

Chief Developer & Co-Founder

California Communications, Inc (Formerly Calicom)

Dec 2012 - May 2019

I am the Chief Developer & Co-Founder in California Communications, Inc. My responsibility ranged widely like gathering requirements, deciding on the architecture, choosing the tech stack, planning tasks for the team, configuring CI/CD, deployment, etc. I worked on multiple products with different architecture and tech stack. The details are listed in the "Projects" section. I managed multiple teams consisting of both internal employees and external consultants.


Jul 2012 - Dec 2012

I was trying to do my own startup. Though tech savy I didn't have enough experience in business side which made things difficult. The best I did was got my startup into the Top 20 finalist of "Microsoft Accelerator Program - 2012". I presented the idea to a jury consisting of senior executives from Microsoft and other top people in industry. I had difficulty in explaining some question on value proposition and key differentiator. After that I put this on hold and switched back to tech to learn more on business and retry later.

Trainee Engineer

CashEdge India (Now Fiserv India)

Nov 2011 - Jul 2012

CashEdge is a US based company providing web-based banking solutions for financial institutions in US. I have been enrolled in the Product Configuration Team in CashEdge. My work in the team is configuring & customizing the application as per the requirement of new clients and existing clients.

Software Engineer

Lapilluz Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Jul 2010 - Nov 2011

Lapilluz Software Solutions as a startup focused mainly on analytics with Web and Desktop Application. Since this was a startup I had a major role in the projects starting from requirement gathering until product deployment.


Ongoing / Under Development

Marketing Assets Creator

A simple tool to help Alexa devs create marketing assets for their alexa skills. It makes it easier for them to design and export images in different resolutions for various social media websites.
React Sass Node.js Serverless AWS S3 Alexa Marketing Personal

APL Designer

Visual Designer tool for Alexa Presentation Language. In additional to existing alexa components some more pre-built reusable layouts will be available. The projects can be saved and shared.
Web Components LitElement Typescript Sass Node.js Serverless AWS S3 Alexa Personal

Swagger Viewer (VSCode Extension)

Swagger Viewer lets you preview and validate Swagger 2.0 and OpenAPI files as you type in Visual Studio Code. It works on swagger files in json and yaml format. Preview and validation happens in real time as you type.
VSCode Extension Typescript Node.js Personal Open Source



Web Based video creation tool. User can import any article and it will be converted to a video project automatically with series of relevant images / video clips. Users can further refine it and generate videos. I worked on the architecture and built the client side editor module.
Web Components LitElement Typescript Sass Node.js Docker ffmpeg California Communication, Inc

Cornea - Video AI Cloud for OTT

Cornea provided additional features over the existing OTT players. It analyse the video content and extract searchable, indexable data out of it. Users can also automatically generate mashup videos based on search keywords. I worked on the architecture, plugins to extend the existing OTT players (video.js and JWT Player) and mashup generation backend.
Javascript Videojs Plugin JWT Player Plugin MLT Framework Azure California Communication, Inc


Screen recording and sharing platform. I built the desktop tool which records either the screen or webcam. Users can also annotate in the screen while the recording is happening.
Electron Web Component Angular Less Node.js ffmpeg Windows Mac Azure California Communication, Inc


Send a video message (webcam or screen recording) directly from the gmail. The files will be uploaded to Google Drive and a link to the file along with a gif preview will be sent with the email. Another version of this worked on slack. I worked on building the chrome app and the backend.
Chrome Extension Node.js Google Drive APIs Youtube APIs California Communication, Inc


Collaborative screen and Content Sharing. I worked on building the embedded application and desktop second screen. The embedded application was a web app running in chrome on kiosk mode. Ubuntu running in Intel PC stick and which on powering on launches the chrome replacing the default desktop shell. The desktop second screen was Chrome App.
Chrome App AngularJS WebRTC Twilio (STUN and TURN servers) Less Node.js California Communication, Inc

Smart Voicemail

Smart Voicemail was voicemail management app that picks up calls for you and schedules call back or meeting based on your availability. It interacts with the caller via IVR and connects to user's calendar to schedule. It was released on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. I worked on building the Android and Windows Phone app along with the backend which was integrated with Twilio.
Mobile App C# Twilio ffmpeg California Communication, Inc